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At Transitions we seek to raise awareness about Solutions Journalism and provide training, mentoring, and support for journalists in Central and Eastern Europe who want to get involved. To date we have helped to include a solutions-oriented perspective in the reporting practices of journalists in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus and are set to launch a program in Georgia. We see a need for Solutions Journalism in this region where traditional reporting and news are often met with apathy and distrust. We believe solutions-oriented stories can serve as a catalyst for promoting accountability for social problems and can better inform communities.

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New SJ Stories in Transitions Magazine

A Taste for Life

01. 12. 2023 · Lydia Smith

Eating disorders have long been a taboo subject in society. One non-profit organization in Bratislava hopes to break that stigma


New Life for Odesa’s Beaches

24.11. 2023 ·  Mariia Shevchuk

Cooperation between the city and the military allowed the port city’s famed beaches to reopen this summer for the first time since the full-scale Russian invasion.


Solutions Journalism Turns 10

26. 10. 2023 · Tina Rosenberg

In the beginning, journalists wanted to write about what works, but were afraid to try it, lest it come out like advocacy, cheerleading, or PR.



We promote Solutions Journalism in Central Europe together with our partners