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Solutions journalism in a nutshell

Is Solutions Journalism a Solution? (Alex Sabadan, The Fix) – an article covering the main questions and answers on the new rising trend in journalism

Keynotes from the Solutions Journalism Founding Fathers

David Bornstein, co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) – Prague, May 2017 (approx.13 min)

David Boardman, dean of the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia and board chairman of SJN – Prague, March 2018 (approx. 45 min).

Tina Rosenberg, co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network – Praha, September 2018 (approx. 27 min)

Kathryn Thier, co-founder of The Catalyst Journalism Project and head of Solutions Journalism Educators Academy – Prague, March 2019 (approx. 26 min)

Nikita Poljakov, Head of Special Projects at Aktuálně.cz – Outriders Stage, Warsaw, November 2019 (approx. 19 min)

Recordings from the key Transitions Webinars

How to do solutions journalism – introductory session (English, English subtitles) – In this webinar you learn the basics of solutions journalism: What it is – and what it is not. – How to distinguish good solutions journalism. – Why bring SJ into your reporting practice. – How to identify a potential solutions angle and turn a ‘traditional’ news piece into a solutions one.

The role of evidence in solutions journalism (English, English subtitles) – Being able to assess and analyze data and other forms of evidence is key to practicing solutions journalism. In this workshop you learn to figure out where to find evidence for your solutions stories, evaluate if your evidence is credible, assess both quantitative and qualitative forms of evidence, recognize how much evidence you need for a good story.

Overcoming the bad news–Building trust by reporting on solutions (English, Russian)

Solutions Journalism 101: Covering the Coronavirus Outbreak in Europe (English) – The spread of COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty across the world. Many people want to know what they can do to ensure they and their communities are safe. Solid reporting on what’s working, from rapid testing to quarantine strategies, helps provide crucial information to individuals and policymakers. If you’re a journalist looking for an introduction to solutions reporting or a refresher on the four pillars of solutions journalism these two webinars are for you.

Best practice

Check the examples of Solutions Journalism stories from the Central & Eastern Europe

Solutions Story Tracker – a database of almost 13.000 solutions stories produces by 6,000 journalists and 1,600 news outlets, from 187 countries

International media on Solutions Journalism

 More sources


Look for more manuals in the Solutions Journalism Network’s Learning Lab.

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