What We Do

We combine local and international talent to showcase coverage respected for its impartiality and in-depth reporting and analysis.

What We Do

We anticipate and meet rapidly changing needs in journalism skills and media literacy, especially in underserved countries.

What We Do

We deliver targeted assistance to bolster sustainability of often-embattled independent media organizations.

Our projects

Transitions Magazine:
For more than two decades, Transitions has provided insightful coverage of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, Turkey, and Eurasia. Our network of local and international contributors examine the news and trends shaping the region. We serve as a platform for the region’s independent journalists to cover topics often underreported in their home countries.
Media Academy:
More than 10,000 people have passed through our training programs. Our courses specialize in traditional journalism skills; the latest digital techniques; media literacy; and combatting disinformation. We have developed our own online learning platform for both mentored and self-learning courses and regularly run webinars and online workshops.
Solutions Journalism:
Solutions journalism spotlights effective responses to societal problems. This innovative reporting approach enhances accountability and public engagement and can serve as a catalyst for meaningful change. Transitions provides training, mentoring, and stipends for journalists who want to embark on rigorous coverage of what’s working in their communities.
Press Start:
Press Start is the first global crowdfunding platform for reporters in countries where the press cannot report freely. Our crowdfunding campaigns offer a lifeline for reporters unable to find financing for stories important to their communities. Press Start seeks talented journalists with scant resources to support their work, connecting them with a global audience willing to invest in them.

Latest News

Empower Yourself Against Misinformation – Join Our Upcoming Workshop!

Does the spread of misinformation online leave you feeling powerless and seeking ways to make a positive impact? Join our From Disinformation to Empowerment workshop series this May 9, 16, 20. Designed for those eager to improve their digital literacy and effectively tackle misinformation, this series will provide you with insightful strategies and practical tools. Engage in meaningful conversations and learn how to positively influence the digital information landscape.

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Going on Assignment in Prague July 2024

Empower Yourself Against Misinformation – Join Our Upcoming Workshop!

Then join us in Prague, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, for our “Going on Assignment” course! Not only will you learn the tips of the trade directly from working foreign correspondents, you will pursue an actual story on the streets of the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Do-Jo Integrated Collaborative Donation Solution for Journalism

Eight European independent organizations in the media industry launch Do-Jo, the donation solution for the news media, supported by the European Commission.

Do-Jo Press Release