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Announcing the First Cohort of the SoJo Europe Program: A Diverse Collective of Newsrooms Driving Solutions Journalism Across Europe

We are thrilled to announce the selection of the first 10 newsrooms for the SoJo Europe program, a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to foster solutions journalism across Europe. These newsrooms represent a diverse array of countries and media landscapes, each bringing unique perspectives and strengths to the program. This diversity is the cornerstone of the SoJo Europe program, promising rich, cross-border collaborations and a robust exchange of ideas that will significantly advance the practice and impact of solutions journalism in Europe.

We look forward to seeing the innovative stories and impactful collaborations that will emerge from this incredible cohort, and help redefine the landscape of European journalism. #SoJoEurope

  • (Spain): A non-profit foundation, builds public trust by fighting disinformation and promoting transparency through journalism, education, technology, research, and policy action. A pioneering fact-checking organization, combats misinformation with a unique multi-platform approach. Known for its community engagement and robust media literacy programs, plays a crucial role among Spanish media.
  • RADAR Magazine (Italy): An independent media outlet, RADAR Magazine covers the most important environmental crises of the present – climate change, global biodiversity loss, pollution – and their ripple effects on our society. RADAR strongly believes in a solutions journalism approach that highlights not only problems, but also solutions, and that is free and accessible to all.
  • Ekonews (Czech Republic): Ekonews specializes in business and sustainability news, emphasizing the importance of green practices and economic development. The website is dedicated to informing and inspiring its audience about sustainable living and ethical business choices, focusing on a wide range of topics related to the climate crisis and sustainability for both companies and individuals.
  • Radio FM99 (Lithuania): As one of Lithuania’s first commercial radio stations, Radio FM99 has a long-standing reputation for quality broadcasting. It covers a wide range of topics, focusing on life, politics, and culture in southern Lithuania, as well as civic activities and sports. It is still the only regional radio station in this part of the country, broadcasting in the Lithuanian language from Alytus, the sixth-largest city, and the biggest spa city Druskininkai.
  • Vers Beton (Netherlands): An independent media platform, Vers Beton focuses on urban issues in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, providing in-depth local journalism. The website highlights city life and governance, fostering a better understanding of urban challenges and solutions and informs concerned Rotterdammers about developments in their city through facts, insights, and understanding. Vers Beton publishes mainly investigative stories, as well as podcasts.
  • Slow News (Italy): Practicing slow journalism, Slow News is committed to providing well-researched, thoughtful stories by delving deeper, researching meticulously to provide news stories and analyses that break away from the rapid and often superficial news cycle dominating mainstream media today. Slow News prioritizes quality over speed, ensuring its reporting is thorough and impactful. 
  • Rubryka (Ukraine): As Ukraine’s first solutions journalism outlet, Rubryka focuses on reporting constructive stories that highlight innovative and practical solutions to societal problems, especially those emerging out of a conflict zone. Its work is crucial in a country undergoing significant transformation and challenges. Rubryka specializes in environmental issues, urbanism, women’s rights, and gender equality. 
  • Mensagem de Lisboa (Portugal): A community-based digital newsroom, Mensagem de Lisboa serves Lisbon with hyper-local news and issues critical to the city, such as urbanism, mobility, housing, and local government, using a solutions journalism lens. The newsroom emphasizes community engagement and storytelling that connects with local audiences on a personal level. 
  • Scena9 (Romania): A Romanian news outlet, Scena9 positions itself at the intersection between culture, journalism, and education and covers a wide range of cultural and societal issues. It publishes various types of articles, from reportages and interviews to reviews, investigations, and profiles. Scena9 is known for its creative storytelling and deep dives into the arts, culture, and social matters. 
  • Lavialibera (Italy): Lavialibera is dedicated to in-depth reporting and investigations on social issues. A paper and online magazine, the organization covers issues related to mafia groups, corruption, climate change, migration, and social movements.