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SoJo Mix & Fix Online Summit – April 2022

For our first ever European solutions journalism summit, we’ll be bringing together reporters, editors, and other media professionals from all across the continent to discuss the challenges and triumphs of solutions journalism.

Our goal with this conference is to provide a space where journalists can make meaningful connections and find cross-border collaborators for solutions stories on disinformation, climate change, migration, polarization, and more.

Solutions Journalism Network’s Co-founders Tina Rosenberg and David Bornstein discussed the future and

Why should you attend?

  • Become part of a budding community of like-minded solutions journalism practitioners across Europe
  • Help set the agenda for future activities and events
  • Find cross-border collaborators for solutions stories on some of today’s most pressing social issues
  • Learn about some of the latest trends and research in solutions journalism.

⁠We’re planning on a highly interactive format that’s focused on networking and discussion. So plan on chatting and sharing your ideas! The conference will take place for three hours every Wednesday in April, starting 13 April.


Wednesday, April 13 14:00–17:00 CET

Wednesday, April 2014:00–17:00 CET

Wednesday, April 2714:00–17:00 CET