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“We’ll volunteer until the Victory….”

Everyone is in charge of their story now. And since February, everyone has started writing a new page about their life and country. Someone will leave a mark with their good deeds, ideas, someone with feats, courageous confrontation, blood… on the thorny path to peace and Victory.

The Yampilski Visti writes yet again with amazement about the sincere stance of young people who are well aware of their place in the state and their small but essential role. Today, young people are not afraid to take responsibility, defend their beliefs, and help at the same rate as adults. They don’t stand aside when seconds of peace come at a very high price; they cost the lives and health of our courageous defenders.

There are always a lot of people in the Yampil City Humanitarian Centre. The recent refugees stand in queues, and volunteers and employees of the city council are engaged in the aid’s registration, distribution, and packaging. Earlier, we noticed two boys who were skillfully helping to give mattresses to people, and then we thought they were the children of some of the headquarters employees who came to help. And indeed, the boys came to help, but not at the request, but volunteered to help people. We are talking about two volunteers – Vasyl Lytvak and Ivan Kaminskyi. They came to the headquarters in spring and joined the volunteer ranks to support people in need. Vasyl Lytvak even celebrated his 16th birthday at the humanitarian headquarters and found a like-minded peer in Ivan Kaminsky, with whom he can talk on various topics while packing cereals.

Deputy Mayor Lyudmyla Mayorova speaks warmly about young volunteers’ work.

– The boys are always here to give a hand. Always ready to carry, pack, and count. In short, they’re a great help. I am sincerely grateful to the parents, Oksana and Gennadiy Kaminskyi and Oksana Lytvak, for bringing up their sons as patriots. From 8 am to 4 pm, the boys are here. And they also go to the stadium to train after volunteering, Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna notes.

Vasyl Lytvak finished his first year at the military lyceum in Odesa this year. After arriving home, he decided not to sit back. He learned about the work of the volunteer headquarters from the local news.

– After 9th grade, I decided to enter the military lyceum because I felt the need for this profession in Ukraine. For security reasons, we completed our studies remotely at home. Then there was no work at home, and I could not just sit back. Now, I do not regret studying to be in the military. I have conversations with my commander, who performs tasks in hot spots. There is a good team at the headquarters, and we are all good friends now. I will also be here on my birthday, – Vasyl Lytvak says.

Ivan Kaminskyi from Yampil was involved in the work of the headquarters earlier. He says he became friends with Vasyl, and will work together until the Victory.

– I have known about the headquarters almost from the first days of its activity because they used to bring help from the “Khutorok” store. So I realized that they needed extra hands here. I studied remotely and managed to volunteer. I have finished my 3rd year at Vinnytsia Trade and Economic University; I want to become a manager. Every day passes, and I feel I spent it not in vain, which is a plus. Of course, now I spend more time here, so my grandmother is sad when I do not visit her. I want to appeal to young people, my peers, to come to our aid. Sometimes we hear people’s conversations. People of all sorts come here for help. Some want to get a lot, while others are satisfied with the bare minimum. I was struck by the story of one woman whose house was bombed, her husband at “Azovstal” is considered missing, she even has no documents on her… You feel a lot of sympathy and desire to help at least people like her. I understand that it is summer, and help is needed at home, but my priority now is to be here, – the young man says.

In the photos: Ivan Kaminskyi and Vasyl Lytvak are always ready to help.