With Media about Media

Photo: Jasmin Brutus/Mediacentar Sarajevo

Media Classroom: Day with Media about Media
May 21, 2024
Europe House, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

70+ media representatives, parents, teachers, librarians, leaders of school departments for journalism, media, and information literacy, 50+ elementary school pupils get together in Sarajevo to work on media literacy skills

Representatives of the news media, parents, teachers, librarians and media literacy specialists from different other areas gathered on 21 May in Sarajevo for Day with Media about Media, a gathering to examine the roles that the media can play in advancing media literacy. The event was organized by Mediacentar Sarajevo as part of the Media Smart project in partnership with Transitions.

At the opening, Maida Muminović, executive director of Mediacentar, said the goal was to understand and adequately address the differences in habits, needs, and expectations from the media between younger and older generations. At the panel discussion titled “How does media promote media literacy?” Lea Čengić, Head of content and media literacy department of the Communications Regulatory Agency BiH, stated that four-fifths of radio and television stations in the past year conducted activities aimed at improving their audience’s media literacy.

A session on digital mentorship, led by Emina Dedić Bukvić, a lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy of the Sarajevo University, examined the importance of active participation of teachers and parents, as well as other partners in educational communication with children and young people. In parallel, pedagogy students held three workshops with elementary school children covering well-being in the digital world.

In the afternoon sessions, professional media workers held interactive workshops as well as lectures for elementary school pupils.  With journalist Rubina Čengić, a group of pupils learned about the process behind producing an interview. Others were taught video production with an experienced producer Mirza Ajnadžić. TV journalist Tahir Žustra explained steps that go into creating daily news.

The project Media Smart: Building resilience to disinformation through training programs for journalists, educators and familiesis implemented with financial support of the Transition Promotion Program of the Government of the Czech Republic. More photos.