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Thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, when so much optimism reigned, all is not well.

The task of building open and stable democracies has proven to be nearly impossible without a free, independent media shining a light on corruption and cronyism, holding leaders accountable, and covering issues the public needs to hear about. 

That’s the reason for Transitions. Since 1999 we have fostered the development of a healthy and robust media in Central and Eastern Europe through our training programs and online magazine

Your contribution to Transitions will ensure that we are able to continue training journalists in the region, organizing workshops to arm people against disinformation, and boosting the role of our magazine as a key platform for local journalists to be published and heard by an international audience. 

All contributions are greatly appreciated and make a huge difference to independent media in the region.

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Jeremy Druker

Executive Director and Editor in Chief