Prague Media Point

Donor name: US Embassy in Prague

Overall objectives: To foster the media’s work for the public good by convening solution-oriented expert gatherings that bring together unique regional perspectives and provide lasting networking experiences.

Partners: Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Institute of Communication and Journalism Studies, Charles University, Department of Journalism, Masaryk University, Project Syndicate, Syndicate of Journalists of the Czechia, KEYNOTE s.r.o., Krytyka Polityczna, Magyar Hang, Denník N, Hospodářské noviny, and Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky.

Specific objectives:

  1. To highlight inspiring solution-oriented examples of methods, approaches or projects from the US by featuring two US experts;
  2. to enable professional partnerships through networking and sharing best practices; and
  3. to provide access to the latest information from the field of Journalism to Czech as well as foreign experts.


  • The 3-day program will offer a mix of scholarly presentations, keynote addresses, sessions with

innovators, and networking opportunities to exchange know-how.

  • Topics will include:

– Innovative ways to cover climate change

– Media projects to counter polarization and disinformation

– Technology & security in editorial work and content delivery

– Effective methods for resisting threats to media freedom

– Engagement through social media

– Solutions and constructive journalism

– Trust-building techniques

– Different forms of storytelling

– Innovative business and ownership models

– Diversity in the newsroom

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