Building trust in quality journalism and responsible information processing through media education for senior citizens

Donor name: The U.S. Embassy in Prague

Overall objective: The goal of this project is to teach seniors media literacy skills so that they are able to verify information and to strengthen intergenerational links and empower senior citizens to take an active role in our society while doing so.

Partners: n/a

Specific objectives:

  1. Improve the media literacy of older adults and senior citizens in the Czech Republic;
  2. increase the resilience of older adults and seniors toward disinformation;
  3. empower both groups to navigate the current information disorder with confidence; and
  4. explore and implement activities that use the potential of intergenerational exchange and



  • We intend to create an updated methodology and develop resources, including “cheat sheets” and guidelines for various actors such as newsrooms and libraries;
  • We plan to pilot and co-develop a virtual community for the sharing of materials and participatory fact-checking;
  • We aim to continue organization of local events in order to test and validate new approaches; and
  • We aim to organize a one-day Media Literacy Instructors Training event.

Partnering with Czech seniors organization Elpida, we translated our guide for reacting to the spread of disinformation by people close to you, which was originally written in Czech and prepared with the help of senior citizens who attended our past courses.