Media and digital education in smaller towns and municipalities through local organizations and institutions

Building resilient communities through media education 

Donor: Open Society Fund Prague

Overall Objective: Building resilient communities through media education

Partners: Elpida, o.p.s.

The project is being supported by the Open Society Fund Prague from the Active Citizens Fund. The programme promotes citizens’ active participation in the public life and decision making and builds capacities of civil society organizations. The Active Citizens Fund is financed from the EEA and Norway Grants


  1. Delivering a high-quality educational program to older adults and senior citizens across the country; and
  2. Improving the capacity of local actors (senior clubs, libraries, NGOs, local institutions) to provide high-quality educational and fact-checking services to local citizens in the field of media literacy.

More at the project website.


  • Methodology development;
  • events;
  • capacity building for local actors; and
  • design of online resources

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