Empowering Senior citizens through media literacy skills toward more resilient and cohesive communities in the V4 region

To counter disinformation among vulnerable populations in Central Europe Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Overall objective: To counter disinformation among vulnerable populations in Central Europe

Partner Institutions: Center for Independent Journalism (Hungary), Memo98 (Slovakia), and the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” (Poland)Objectives:

  1. Using the knowledge gathered from years of activities and based on continuous media literacy levels’ assessments and piloting, to further our current efforts to upgrade and disseminate resources and locally specific methodologies for helping senior citizens deal with false information;
  2. to increase media literacy amongst seniors in the target countries; and
  3. to enable senior citizens to play a proactive role in their communities when it comes to debunking misinformation.


  • Research-based assessments of media literacy levels among seniors;
  • produce online and print learning resources for senior citizens;
  • methodology design according to local specificities;
  • training-of-trainers workshops;
  • national pilot workshops: Train senior citizens; and
  • wrap-up event.

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